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Gong Meditations and What’s Next?!

80 year old gong from northern Thailand

With the store closure, we are creating new opportunities to keep NIT going in a non-retail way.  Here are some of the ways you can continue to connect with us after we no longer have a store:

  1. Wedding and Special Event Décor Rental-NIT has partnered with Sonia James, designer, to make your special day peaceful as well as beautiful.  Do you want to rent our gorgeous wood carvings, elephants, and other décor?  Contact Sonia at her Facebook business page for more details.
  2. Gong Meditations-NIT will be starting to partner with yoga studios to bring the healing experience of the gongs to different locations.  The first location will be Amana Yoga in Boulder.  For the month of March, the gongs will be in the Amana yoga studio and played for you by Jon and April.  Check Amana’s webpage of events to see our schedule and how you can participate in the beautifully relaxing gong and sound healing meditations.
  3. Yin Yoga with the Gongs-NIT will partner with Amana Yoga in Boulder to pair gongs with Yin Yoga classes.  Please check Amana Yoga’s schedule to see when these special healing yoga classes will take place throughout March.
  4. Some NIT product will be available as consignment in other places around Boulder.  Preparations are happening.  We will keep you posted.  Please connect with us on Facebook to remain informed about new and exciting happenings and opportunities.

We bow deeply to the people that have come forth to support us on this journey.  You have made a choice to become more connected with Earth, your own knowing, and your cosmic destiny.  YOU are the reason we decided to open the store. YOU are the special ones that are on a light path of evolution.  Godspeed.

We hope you will stay in touch.

Jon & April


Store Closing Sale is ON Now!

The Nomadic Import Traders store front in Boulder Colorado is closing.  Come by for great savings on your favorite items.  We’ve enjoyed bringing you high quality imported goods from around the world for the past year.  Stay tuned for our next adventure.


Jon & April

Love Something On Our Website? Call Us to Purchase–We Ship!

Yes, it’s true, we don’t have an ecommerce function on our webpage.  That is intentional.

Most of our items require you to learn about them PRIOR to purchase.  We want to make sure we fit you with the best item for your needs.  You can still buy items that you see on any of our social media webpages, or here on our website.  You just need to call us to inquire if we still have the items, and we will send you more detailed photos and descriptions via email.

The same is true with all of our Young Living products.  You can call us to order anything and we can ship it to you.  Since we are distributors, you can also sign up for a membership through us here at the store.  If you are looking for a membership to YL and don’t know anyone else you can sign up with, feel free reach out to us.

This is the same process for wholesale items.  We can get some of our products in bulk.  Keep in mind, most of our products are one of a kind, and can’t be replaced.  But, some of the wood carvings, tapestries, and furniture can certainly be purchased in bulk.  Let’s talk about this if you are interested, since we have a minimum amount you need to order to get bulk/wholesale pricing.

We work to bring high vibrational items to humans all over the globe.  This is our calling.  How can we help you?

Best Wishes,

April & Jon

A Visit to Golden Mount in Bangkok Thailand

April and I visited Wat Saket, also known as Golden Mount or “Phu Khao Thong.” This beautiful Buddhist temple has its origins from Ayutthaya period ranging from (1350 to 1767). The temple actually has many layers to it, including a 58-meter tall gold chedi rooftop that houses a Buddha relic that visitors love to see, if they can manage the 300 steps to the top.

Upon arrival we walked along the grounds of the Wat, and stumbled across a small shrine room containing a rather large sitting Buddha relic. After removing our shoes, we wondered in, gave an offering, lit a few candles, and sat in front of the Buddha for a moment to center. On my left was a smiling monk sitting on a small shrine. The monk exhibited a beautiful calm presence that seemed to surround the shrine. He offered me a blessing and bracelet, and as I sat next to him, I imagined what the solitary life of a monk would be like. Would it be absence of all of the daily stresses, morning commutes and endless pursuits that we all gravitate towards in the west?

As we slowly walked up the steps to the top of the Wat, beautiful green gardens and vines lined the path upwards. We stopped and rang the prosperity bells in each section as we continued.   We especially appreciated the sections of misting irrigation to help cool off. Arriving at the top of the 300-stair climb you’ll see vast views of Bangkok and the feeling that you’ve accomplished something worthy of inspiration.

If you find yourself with some time to spend in Bangkok, we highly recommend visiting Wat Saket. For the full experience, be sure to hop a tuk-tuk to Wat Saket.


Nomadic Import Traders

April and Jon are Traveling in Thailand and Japan!!

April and Jon are Traveling in Thailand and Japan!!

Nomadic Import Traders Store will be open limited hours between Sept. 19-Oct. 6

The next Gong Meditation will be suspended until we return in October. This schedule is always posted on our website events page and our Facebook events page.

The store will be open Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays while we are away.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

If you have specific questions about product that cannot be answered in the store, feel free to email us at in our absence and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We will announce exciting new product when we return!

Keep in touch! Follow our travels on our Facebook page @ Nomadic Import Traders!

Much love,

April & Jon

Inventory Reduction Sale Happening NOW!

Inventory Reduction Sale!

Nomadic Import Traders 1909 9th St. Boulder, CO 303-444-1925

It’s true, our last two sales did not exactly move inventory like we hoped, so we are making one last ditch effort to move as much inventory as we can before our new shipment comes in!

Sale from Sept. 9 2017 to TBD

If you are waiting for “THE” sale, this is it! Your favorites might very well be gone after this one—our items are one of a kind…once they are gone, they are gone!  Inventory is already starting to move, so don’t wait!

Over 200 pieces in our store will be priced to GO—find savings of up to 50% off–View our Products page for photos!

  • 17” X 70 “huge rectangle wood carvings 50% off
  • Tapestries from Thailand 10% off
  • Meditation blankets 10% off
  • Elephant beaded pillows 20% off and Indian Gypsy Pillows and cases 10% off
  • Small and medium sized Treasure Chests 20% off
  • Antique Templewood Nagas mounted on rustic pedestals 30% off
  • Thai Fisherman pants 30% off
  • Scarves 20% off
  • Incense 40% off
  • Large Sitting Buddha 10% off
  • Elephant statues (including 100 Year Old elephant stools) 10% off
  • All three pieces of Vine art 20% off
  • Small and Large carved Sawasdee Lady statues 20%off
  • 3’X 3’ antique wood carving 20% off
  • 35” large round wood carvings with gold and glass pieces 10% off
  • Thai round Mirror with glass chip design 20% off

Too much to list! Come in today!

We ship if you see something you like on our webpage, FB, YouTube, or other social media pages give us a call at (303) 444-1925, and you can pay us via PayPal.

**Not included in this sale are Sure shirts, Consignment items, Gongs, Young Living Essential Oils, some statues, Ganesh shadow boxes, and some other items not listed. Sale NOT retroactive, new sales only.

It’s All About the Vibration!

There are many people that come into my store for no reason at all.  They are attracted to the energy.  They say they can feel the energy from down the street and follow it to my door.  They stand at the threshold looking in with their mouth hanging open.  Honest to God!  They are so happy to find a store like ours.

Most people cannot put words to describe how we are different, but I know it’s all about our vibration.

We specialize in high vibrational home decor, antiques, and sacred objects.  Sure, you could get a cheap knock-off someplace else but it will not have the same high vibration that our objects have.  If you are someone that notices quality, it will matter to you whether or not something is special.  We sell the special things.

How are we special?  Everything is vibrating.  People vibrate, animals vibrate and objects vibrate.  Have you ever been inexplicably attracted to someone or something?  Sometimes that means you need the object to advance in spiritual, financial, or physical ways.  Or, in the case of a person, maybe they have information you need.  Our objects are chosen for their vibration and are intended for people that come and take them home.  These objects are an expression of something in the person that buys them.  They HELP them in some way.  Thus, the intention we place behind our object selection makes them special.

The items in our store are intended to assist their buyers to feel something or manifest something they need to bring to fruition.  Only the highest quality items make it to our store.

We offer a service to Boulder, CO.  Our store challenges what it means to be a business.  If you are looking for a store that offers a lot energetically to the community, then you’ve found us.  Here are the ways in which we serve:

  • We hold new and full moon gong and sound healing meditations that are affordable.
  • We meticulously clear the energy of our store and play the gongs, sound bowls, and tingshas for customers.
  • Randomly, we offer healings to those in need that come into the store.
  • We are collecting donations to support an elephant in a humane sanctuary in Thailand.
  • We support other local businesses in the West End of Boulder’s downtown district.
  • I’ve been told that people have prayed in front of our store and their prayers are answered!
  • Our Ganesha statue offering bowl and prayer ceremony is becoming popular with locals.

Come check out why we are different and support a new retail paradigm right here in Boulder!


5 Tips for Travel in Thailand from Experts


We are importers from all over the world, but mainly Thailand.  We’ve been to Thailand six times since 2011 and have seen much of the country.  Here is our top 5 tips:

  1. Stay one night in Bangkok.  If you are traveling through Bangkok, as most international travelers do, you’ll likely come through BKK or Suvarnabhumi Airport (pronounced more like Sawanapoon).  It’s worth it to spend the night if you’ve been traveling all day.  Traveling from the United States is a very long plane ride.  So we usually stay one night in Bangkok to prepare for our next day’s travels.  Be prepared to arrive in Bangkok at midnight their time, when your body is telling you it’s noon!  The airport is far from any good hotels, but you should be able to find something within 30-45 minutes drive.  AND, arriving at night has it’s advantages–NO traffic!  During the day Bangkok traffic is outrageous!  Trust me night is better for getting anywhere fast.  Just spend the night, you’ll feel so much better the next morning.
  2. Use the Red Truck or Taxi service.  Do NOT rent a scooter expecting to get around efficiently, even in the islands.  Especially if you have no previous experience on a motorcycle or scooter in your home country.  This is NOT the place to learn to ride.  It is dangerous and the traffic patterns are not like anything you’ve seen.  Even if you do have experience on a motorcycle, spend a day or so checking out the traffic patterns before deciding to rent.  The Red Trucks or Taxi (or even a tuk-tuk) should get you to your destination safer than motorbike.
  3. Eat the noodle soup with lotus root.  One of the very best dishes we’ve ever had is a simple noodle soup with chicken or pork and lotus root.  We eat it even in 100 degree heat if it’s available.  It’s about $3 US and you might be able to find it for less.  It’s usually served in little 1970s plastic bowls with chopsticks and a soup spoon.  The soup’s temperature is hotter than an inferno, which means anything that might disrupt your digestive system should be dead.
  4. Try the night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. The train leaves from Hualamphong station in Bangkok.  This method of travel is not about getting anywhere fast.  It’s about the experience of traveling by train, eating in a dining car with locals, and sleeping in berths while being rocked side to side.  Don’t expect the doors to lock, even in “First Class,” and the toilets are nothing to write home about–usually squat toilets that have seen a lot of use.  Just do it!  And then go back to airport travel.
  5. Make friendly with the locals.  The Thai people are so nice.  They are, in my opinion, what make the trip so worthwhile.  Expect big smiles, excellent service, great products–if you know where to look.  Be polite and all will be well.  There is no need to push your own agenda like in the US.  Be calm, and you will get the best result.

Have fun–you’re on vacation, right?!

Wood Wall Carvings: A Great Way to Decorate Your Home for Less

Wood Carvings Should be Made of Wood

Not all wood carvings are created equal. In order to make sure you are getting the best quality you need to identify that the piece is indeed wood! There is a trend toward making things lighter, cheaper, and quite frankly, disposable. Wood carvings can be heirloom pieces that stand the test of time and also withstand a scrutinizing eye. We sell only top quality original wood carvings carved by hand that are make to last. As they age, they become more beautiful and valuable.

Our carvings are purchased in Thailand but carved in Myanmar, and are usually made from teak or similar hard and durable wood. Most of our pieces are stained to withstand Boulder’s drier climate. You can think of these pieces as a carving of “negative space.” Pieces are chiseled out where the designs form, the wood that’s left IS the art. Because the pieces are handmade, not all of them will look exactly alike or the exact same size or thickness even in a matching set. That’s the beauty of handmade work. It can’t be exactly reproducible even by the same artist.

Our Prices are ALREADY Competitive

People want to take pictures of our items thinking they can find them for less online. This is not possible unless you plan to purchase from Thailand or Myanmar and even then, you will find shipping cost-prohibitive.

We have not found anything like our items online in the greater Boulder/Denver area for the same prices. In fact, the stores around here that sell similar items are at least 40% more expensive than our little downtown Boulder store. Also keep in mind just the piece of wood, uncarved, could cost over $200 in the US, many of our items are that price—already carved into the beautiful design that is truly one of a kind!

Authenticity and Integrity

My husband and I personally meet with artists to ask about products, ask about their families, their history in wood carving, etc. We do not rip off the artists like big distributors, we pay close to the actual price they ask for an item in order to support their livelihood. This is important to us as we become friendly with families that are woodworkers by trade and we want them to keep creating these works of art!

Oh, and if you see something you love, you need to purchase it! We cannot guarantee that we will be able to get the same wood carving on our next trip. Our customers sometimes experience disappointment when they feel a connection with an item, but don’t buy it. They expect it to be here when they come back, but find that it’s gone! We are a small shop, if you see something you love, you need to get the item while we have it. Thanks for your understanding!

We look forward to serving YOU and if there is something we can do better, please let us know.

We LOVE referrals and thank you for your business.

Sawadee Ladies Welcome All!

Sawadee Lady Welcomes All Visitors

June 21, 2017

A Sawadee Lady is usually a wooden statue that stands in front of a home or business. She silently welcomes and bestows blessings upon your visitors and customers. She gives a look of the exotic as these statues come from Thailand and are fashioned in traditional Thai garb. Many use the statues in their gardens as the statues add a peaceful accent.

The word Sawadee is a greeting and a blessing when first entering a home or a business. In Thailand, you would say “Sawadee kha” if you are a female or “Sawadee Krup” if you are a male. The gesture to accompany a Sawadee greeting is hands in prayer position over the heart, head slightly bowed forward. Thus, the statues have this same hand gesture.

In front of our store you might see one of these ladies welcoming customers into the store. You would be delighted to see the number of people that want their photos taken with the lady, or kids who stop by to return the blessing to our lady. We once heard a little one, not more than four years old, say “Namaste” to our statue. The Namaste word comes more from India and Nepal.

The history of the word Sawadee dates back almost a 100 years to 1930 first used as a greeting by Phraya Upakit Silapasan (according to Wikipedia). It was taken from the Sanskrit root svasti which means “Well-being.” It’s customary to offer greetings to someone older than yourself but according to Thai custom, you should wait for younger children to offer a greeting first before returning your greeting.

There are many western symbols in Thailand that have adopted this polite gesture to try and fit in with the Thai culture. For example, if you see a McDonalds in Thailand, you might see Ronald McDonald out front in a Sawadee welcome!

Our Sawadee Ladies are carved in Teak wood and vary in size. The large sized beauties are 66” inches tall and some stand on a metal pedestal which gives them an extra few inches of height. The smaller sized statues are 50.5 inches tall. Each of these ladies has their own personality. If you are looking for something in particular, just ask and we’ll direct you to the correct lady for you!